Real Spanish (potato) omelette

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette


  • 5 – 6 potatoes
  • 6 – 7 eggs
  • 1 onion
  • salt
  • nonstick medium frying pan
  • olive oil, it’s better if it’s not virgin. And Spanish please. Anyway, even if it says it’s Italian it’s going to be Spanish.
  • lots of love 
  • optionally 1 medium green pepper


Cut the potatoes in half alongside. Then cut every half in thin slices.

Chop the onion (and the green pepper) in brunoise.

Put a lot (cover the bottom 1 cm or 2) of olive oil in the pan and make it hot.

Put the potatoes and onion green pepper salt it a bit and stir a bit till all the potatoes have been in contact with the oil.

Lower the heat till medium. Stir occasionally and when the potatoes start to get done begin to crush them. This will make your omelette more juicy, and will avoid the typical stone-omelette, also add more salt to your liking. When the potatoes are all crushed and well done it’s nice to raise heat for at Maillard reaction to develop. Don’t burn it !

Take the potatoes to a metal strainer to remove excess of oil. You can push the potatoes a little to help them release oil, you can keep the oil for further frying uses.

In a bowl break the eggs and add some salt. Whisk the eggs well. Add the potatoes-onions-peppard mix and stir with the  whisk till its like a cement texture.

Use the pan before raise heat till max and add a little bit of oil, just a bit, we don’t want to make an oily omelette. My trick is to pour  the oil , move the oil around all the pan and put the oil away.

Pour the mixture in the pan at maximum heat, smoky heat. Move a little the pan to make sure its not attached to the pan or you are going to break the omelette when turning sides.

After maybe a minute use a big dish-plate to turn the omelette. I like to stick my finger in the tortilla to feel the consistency, I like the egg little runny. After a minute or so omelette it’s done.

If you like it more done just lower the heat for a while and maybe turn the omelette one more time to make it more evenly.
Hope you like it!

The omelette should look like this:

Omelette piece

Omelette piece

OBS: No milk or cream in the egg, no other ingredients!!!! I have seen a lot crimes against tortilla over the internet. Don’t put garlic, tomato, leek, mushrooms, pepper or shit like that in a spanish tortilla. I warn you! And no oven!

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